Association for Child Education (ACE / ÇED) was founded in İstanbul to provide care and support services in educational and healthcare fields for disabled, indigent or orphan children and young people aged 0-21.

In our association located in Ataşehir, İstanbul, we, with our professional team, provide educational opportunities for disabled children aged 0-6 and for their families. Besides, individual education, as well as extra study time, is provided for hearing impaired children graduated from pre-school education programs. One of the primary goals of ACE (ÇED) is to extend our educational services to the other provinces in the Anatolian of Turkey. Within the scope of the project called “Kindergarten for hearing impaired children in 81 provinces!” we have started our project work in the provinces Adana- Samsun- Edirne- Kocaeli/Karamürsel.

In our school serving for hearing impaired children; various experts like teachers of hearing impaired, preschool teachers, a social services expert, a psychologists and a family counselor are working in cooperation with one another.

12 hours of education in a month for hearing impaired children aged 0- 1.5,

20 hours of education in a month for hearing impaired children aged 1.5- 3,

40 hours of education in a month for hearing impaired children aged 3-6 are provided.

For children aged 7-14 who have completed  their early childhood and pre-school education in our center,  extra support are provided during their primary and secondary school era and their development is supported with some social activities we plan for them.

Medical screening by ENT doctors; routine follow-up, measurement and assessment by speech and language therapists and audiologists are carried out for our hearing-impaired children. Besides, hearing-aids for hearing impaired children are supplied. All these services are free of charge.


In our center, with the expertise of our professional trainers, various trainings like child education, cultural activities, health, self-improvement and inherent rights are provided for parents in accordance with a yearly plan. For the other part of parents’ training program, our psychologist is organizing home visits to observe the study atmosphere at home. 


In our educational center, our hearing impaired children and high school students are collaboratively preparing activities such as feast and new year’s celebrations, spring and kite festivals, picnics, graduation ceremonies, botanic park and toy museum visits, fun and sport activities and sorcery shows.